Mobile Application FAQ


What is a mobile web application? 

Data Warehouse Consultants provides solutions using mobile web applications as opposed to a device-specific mobile app.

This is a technology that runs through a web browser on your phone or computer (like Safari or Chrome), and does not require users to download a device-specific app. This greatly reduces the maintenance costs of the application over time, because there is no mobile app that requires constant updates with each phone operating system upgrade. The application itself is hosted on the server, and all updates are deployed in one location. 

How much does it cost/what kind of budget do I need?

Every custom application and operating environment are different. The budget you will need varies widely depending on your application goals. Key factors are the business processes you need to support, the data you are collecting and the functionality you want to provide. Simple solutions can be done for $20,000, but complex processes and integrations can cost much more.

The best analogy is putting in a new kitchen or an addition on your house. How much does it cost? Largely, it comes down to what exactly you want to do with your project.  

Contact us for a free consultation and we can typically provide a general ballpark budget on the first call. 

How long will it take to complete?

Similarly, the amount of time required also depends on your needs. Data Warehouse Consultants will typically break down complex projects into separate deployments so that the development is no more than 6 to 8 weeks for each phase. The goal of this approach is to make sure the users get experience with how the application will work, and to make changes to key functionality, before jumping in with both feet.  

Who do I call to get started? 

Getting started is simple. You can call us at 412-368-5368 or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you. 

What technology do you use?

Our mobile applications are typically written using Microsoft .NET Core latest version. We are flexible on database technologies, and generally use Oracle or SQL Server depending on the customer’s preference.

What software do I need?

Our mobile web applications are hosted on Windows server using the built-in Internet Information Services for Windows. If your organization has the appropriate infrastructure, it can be hosted on your servers. Data Warehouse Consultants can also host your application long-term if that is more in line with your goals.  

Users require no special software or downloads, and access the applications via a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.   

How do you control access?

Access to the application is controlled using enterprise-level software to validate users and can employ multi-factor authentication (MFA) if required.  Custom roles are defined within the application based on application needs.

Is my data secure?

All our applications use advanced encryption technologies to protect your data both in motion and at rest. Data within the application is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, and data at rest is encrypted via the database store if desired. 

What type of database is used?

We can adapt to several different database depending on customer requirements. Our default option is SQL Server. Generally, it can run on the server you already have and does not require its own hardware. 

How do I view the data in the system?

The data within the application is viewed via a web-based application. Data views are based on the specific needs of your business process.

Does the application require maintenance?

The application is designed to be supported by in-house technology staff. All code repositories are provided to you and the database employs an open data model that is easily maintained. Typical server maintenance is required to upgrade the servers and keep them secure over time.  If you want to request changes to the application, that support can be purchased separately.  

Will there be technical support? 

Yes, we offer annual contracts for technical support and application changes after the system goes live.