Allegheny County Hello Baby

Hello Baby Application

Hello Baby was created for Allegheny County families with newborns to help aid and connect them to resources and services. As a network of supports, Hello Baby was crafted to meet families’ individual needs and interests. The county was in search of a solution to help organize this vast data and ensure seamless coordination among all involved.

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When Hello Baby started, the county was using spreadsheets to track clients. Referrals were quickly coming in and it soon became unmanageable. It was proving to be a challenge tracking all of the different sources of data coming in.

The initial success the county saw was promising. The process was working well hinting at the opportunity to expand. To do so, they would need a detailed system to track the referral sources coming from hospitals and those generated by algorithms in the county.


There were three goals the county was looking to achieve with a system created by Data Warehouse Consultants.

The goals were:

  1. Support text message and email-based outreach to Hello Baby participants and track all contacts that are made.
  2. Standardize the process referrals go through.
  3. Consolidate information sets into one location meaning program managers could find all the information in one place.


After the Hello Baby online app was put in place, the county was able to expand from the pilot area of Monongehela. This expansion covered the entire county by having the capacity for 10x the number of referrals. It became and continues to be a huge success.

The county upholds investments while seeing constant results such as improved child welfare.


The Hello Baby online application was designed to allow 20-25 DHS users and key providers to handle referrals. Within the app, users can: search and review Hello Baby referrals; search and review Housing Referrals and more. There are different actions to be taken for Referral Outreach (Hello Baby Referrals) vs. Housing Referrals.

All users can work in one location accessing the same information. They are able to know when another party is working with a participant. This leads to harmonious care for those receiving Hello Baby benefits.

Key features of the Hello baby web-app are a defined process, a common info stack and easily accessible.

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