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Software Engineer

  DWC is currently seeking to fill a software engineer position. The position requires a strong leader who is comfortable working directly with the client throughout all of a system’s development in a technical environment. Applicants must have previous consulting experience.  This is an excellent position for a consultant at a large consulting services provider […]

SSIS Consulting

Are you frustrated by a process that is taking way longer than it used to? Do you have an SSIS process running in your database that is frequently breaking and keeping you up at night? Are you worried because a key member of your team – the only one who knows the ETL process – […]

Senior Consultant, Predictive Analytics

Data Warehouse Consultants in Pittsburgh, PA, is seeking a full-time Sr. Consultant, Predictive Analytics. Responsible for leading the predictive analytics technical team implementing predictive models in use by the company’s clients; maintaining responsibility for coordinating with several client teams; developing technical requirements; implementing solutions across a variety of technologies; regularly working with large data sets […]

Customized Data Warehouse Training

Data Warehouse Consultants provides on-site training services to increase the in-house knowledge of your technical team.  Often data warehouse leads are worried about their progress because they don’t know if they are building the system correctly, or they lack confidence because all they know about data warehousing is what they have read in a Ralph […]

Geocode It!

GeocodeIt! is a custom application that allows you load addresses from either a file or a database, then run those addresses through a third-party online service to obtain standardized address and location information. Location data is very important in many types of data warehouse and business information projects. Obtaining standardized address information including addresses and […]

Full Service Consulting

At Data Warehouse Consultants we specialize primarily in data warehouse consulting, as you might expect!  We have been working in this space for over 20 years and are experts in many aspects of this industry.  Through this work we have developed specialized skills related to data warehousing, which are highlighted on other pages on this […]

Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) Development

Most providers in the space know that designing a dimensional model for a data warehouse is really only the first of many steps.  The devil is in the ETL details.  This is really where our primary expertise lies.  We are experts at finding the data needed, transforming it into usable information, and getting it loaded […]

Radiology Tracking Board

Efficiency is necessary to run a world-class radiology department. Data Warehouse Consultants developed a virtual tracking board that allows nurses to maintain updates on patients who are getting x-rays, MRI’s and other radiology services across many floors and service rooms. This board enhances communication within the unit and reduces the need to make phone calls by […]

Data Warehouse Design and Improvement

If you already have a data warehouse and you are having problems with it, then we can help.  We have vast experience in the design and implementation of data warehouse and business intelligence systems.  It’s in our name, and it’s the core competency that our firm was originally built upon.