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Development in Sqoop 1 vs Sqoop 2

I was working on a project last week to load data into a HDFS-based Hive database. This was essentially a periodic load so Sqoop appeared to be the best tool for the job. My small project consisted of the following goals: – Connect Sqoop to SQL Server and/or Oracle instances – Export a set of […]

Big Data and Hadoop

Our firm is on the cutting edge of data warehouse technologies including the new “big data” technologies surrounding the Hadoop ecosystem.  We have project experience with Map-R and Hortonworks, as well as many of the related tools including Hive, HBase, HUE, Sqoop, HDFS and Flume to name a few.  We support consulting engagements to help […]

Tableau Development

We have recently identified several clients who are standardizing on the Tableau tool set. This tool is a very powerful addition to a data warehouse or other reporting environment. Our firm has invested time and resources into training for this tool. With this knowledge and our significant experience in data manipulation and processing, we are able to quickly deliver innovative visualizations for our customers within custom constraints they require. We can build these visualizations against both static data sets and complex systems like production databases and data warehouses. Here are a few small samples of our work in this area.

Microsoft Access Database Conversions

We specialize in converting data from operational databases into data warehouse systems, and we find that many organizations still run business-critical applications in Microsoft Access and Excel.  This can often lead to issues with application performance, accessibility and security, and represents a major risk that organization don’t need to take. We have helped many organizations convert these applications into a more enterprise-level architecture based on ASP.NET and SQL Server or Oracle which can provide stability and peace of mind for your business, while providing your team access to these previously walled-off applications from anywhere.

Who Maintains the Application and Database?

The original estimate we provide is for the development and conversion of the Microsoft Access application.  Once the application goes live, you are responsible for ongoing maintenance and changes.  We provide all the database and source code necessary for you or your team to maintain the application yourself. If you don’t have a technical staff […]

Can I make changes when you are done?

Yes!  When the conversion is complete, you will have a database and application that are fully modifiable by you  The application will contain some modules that are provided to you under license, but that license allows you to fully modify any components you deem necessary as long as they are for your own use.  (Licensed […]

How long will it take?

Just like everything else, the time it takes to do the conversion varies on a number of factors.  But the typical conversion project takes about 4-6 weeks to complete.

How much does the conversion cost?

There is not a “one-size-fits-all” price for converting access databases, and several factors must be considered.  The complexity of the database is generally driven by the number of tables, the number of reports and the number of data entry forms in the database.  Our consultants will analyze your database and requirements and develop a conversion […]

Neonatal Breastmilk Tracker

Data Warehouse Consultants developed a system to help nurses and other caregivers verify that children residing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are given the correct mother’s breast milk when the mother chooses that option for her child. Prior to implementation of our solution there was a greater chance that confusion could occur with […]

Healthcare Innovations Simplify Interactions

Our team has been working for years with several leading health care providers to provide innovative, customized products to meet specific needs of the organization. These solutions help our clients to provide efficient services and improve patient care by giving clinicians quick access to patient data that used to be out of reach. Please explore […]