Consultant Advises CMU Students on Cutting Edge Capstone Project

Data Warehouse Consultants is focused on the Western Pennsylvania market and encourages our consultants to support the local institutions here.  Bob Brichacek,  a senior consultant for the firm, moonlights as an adjunct professor at the Carnegie Mellon University Heinz Graduate School.  Bob teaches a graduate course in Data Warehousing and acts as a regular sponsor of the Master’s of Information System Management’s “capstone” program.  This program is a semester-long project course where students work in teams to solve a real-world problem submitted by local businesses.

This year Bob’s team built an incredibly functional cloud-based video conversion tool using the Amazon Web Services cloud-based products.  This project has been featured on Carnegie Mellon’s website.  They write:

Bob Brichacek, the team’s faculty advisor, commended the students on their motivation and creativity, calling them “some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with.”

“This is the most current technology. [The students] got to play with [tools] that a very small percentage of the population has played with,” said Brichacek. He adds that the pieces of the AWS toolset don’t just plug and play, and that the students’ main accomplishment was successfully customizing each piece to have the functionality Legendary required.

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