Neonatal Breastmilk Tracker

intermecData Warehouse Consultants developed a system to help nurses and other caregivers verify that children residing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are given the correct mother’s breast milk when the mother chooses that option for her child. Prior to implementation of our solution there was a greater chance that confusion could occur with the breast milk bottles, and children could be given milk from an unrelated mother. There was also no audit trail to confirm the correct breast milk was given if a questionable situation arose. This solution provides mobile technology that verifies a match between the baby and the bottle before the breast milk is given.

Our solution provides a mobile application allowing the NICU caregiver to quickly scan a bar code on the bottle and the wristband of the baby to verify they are a match. It also allows for the common situation of multiple births, where one mother can provide breast milk for several babies. This simple system has been instrumental in reducing errors in breast milk delivery, and for providing an audit trail that confirm the correct milk was provided to each child in the NICU.

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