Geocode It!

GeocodeIt! is a custom application that allows you load addresses from either a file or a database, then run those addresses through a third-party online service to obtain standardized address and location information.

Location data is very important in many types of data warehouse and business information projects.  Obtaining standardized address information including addresses and latitude/longitude data enables your data warehouse to perform analyses that simply aren’t possible without it.  Unfortunately this data can often be expensive to obtain.  Many organizations will run their information through the an API like Google Maps, but be careful!  If you are storing the results of this data in your data warehouse, you are violating the Google terms of service and you could be forced to throw all of your hard work away – see below.

GeocodeIt! uses Geocode.Farm which is a service similar to Google that allows you to store the data locally so that you only need to check the address once.  (A separate subscription from Geocode.Farm is required to run more than 400 addresses per day.)  This software allows you to quickly get up-and-running with your Geocode project.  Contact Us today for more information on licensing this product.



Google Terms of Service:


  1. No caching or storage. You will not pre-fetch, cache, index, or store any Content to be used outside the Service, except that you may store limited amounts of Content solely for the purpose of improving the performance of your Maps API Implementation due to network latency (and not for the purpose of preventing Google from accurately tracking usage), and only if such storage:
    1. is temporary (and in no event more than 30 calendar days);
    2. is secure;
    3. does not manipulate or aggregate any part of the Content or Service; and
    4. does not modify attribution in any way.
  2. No mass downloading. You will not use the Service in a manner that gives you or a third party access to mass downloads or bulk feeds of any Content. For example, you are not permitted to offer a batch geocoding service that uses Content contained in the Maps API(s).

Read Email into Your Database

Did you ever wish you could have your email converted directly into your database?  We can help you implement the software and processes necessary to accomplish this seemingly simple, but more-complicated-than-expected task.  The DWC Mail Reader will monitor an incoming email box and load the data into your SQL Server database in structured tables.  Header and footer information from the email is stored, and email attachments are loaded directly into the database.  Once loaded, our software can launch your custom-created stored procedure to process the data to meet your business needs.  We are also willing to help you write those custom processes, of course.  Please Contact Us to discuss your particular need.

DWC HL7 Receiver

HL7 messages are the primary method that medical systems use to communicate in real time. This product allows the capture and storage of HL7 messages into a generic schema that can then be used for any purpose. Once the HL7 message is parsed and stored in a database, legacy applications and ETL can be run on the messages to extract the meaningful data for your application. This software has been certified to operate at many large hospitals, and supports multi-threading and error handling required for such operation.  This small software service makes it easy to catch HL7 messages without having to use a big EMR.  Please Contact Us for more information on your specific need.

DWC Patient Communications Tracker

This product allows you to automatically receive patient communications into SQL Server or other relational database. Our clients use this product to capture patient-related emails that are sent to and from clinical staff. It allows you to simply “CC” the clinical database as part of your normal communications with the client. When this is done, you create a record of patient contacts and emails that is easily searchable and viewable by all staff, and not just the person who communicated directly with the client. This application supports many types of communications with patients including emails and text messages.  Please Contact Us to discuss how this product might be used at your doctor’s office or hospital department.

DWC Oracle Quick Report

QuikReport is a custom reporting solution that enables batch reporting and feed creation from an Oracle database by simply writing an SQL query and saving it to a table. After reviewing various third-party solutions a custom, cost-effective solution was developed to generate hundreds of reports and data feeds on a daily and weekly basis.  This solution allows for the dynamic creation of flat files and reports directly from Oracle without the need for third-party reporting software.  This solution is a proven means of quickly developing internally and externally facing reports and data feeds.  Please Contact Us to find out more about how your staff can quickly begin accessing the data your have stored in Oracle.


Patient data stored in one HIPAA secure location, accessible from any device. Cloud based reporting.

ResearchTrak is a customizable, web-based solution that supports medical research studies. The base product includes an on-line ASP.NET application linked to an enterprise-class SQL Server database. It provides out-of-the-box tracking of various aspects of your medical study, while maintaining enterprise-level security and HIPAA compliance.

Each application can be customized with mobile functionality allowing you to integrate data sent directly from the patients in the form of emails, text messages, websites, uploads, and mobile websites.

doctor by bedImprove the quality of stay for your patients

Enter information more efficiently allowing for more time with your patients. The ResearchTrak app is web based, fully customizable to track the data you need to capture.


computer keyboardEnter information more efficiently

ResearchTrak allows you and your staff the ability to enter information into a central secure datebase. No more frustration with multiple entries that are unconnected.


ResearchTrak follow the close guidelines for patient confidentiality.

  • Secure Data Exchange
  • EHR Integration
  • HL7 Integration
  • Electronic Laboratory Reporting
  • Fully Customizable
  • Mobile Device Compatible