Radiology Tracking Board

Efficiency is necessary to run a world-class radiology department. Data Warehouse Consultants developed a virtual tracking board that allows nurses to maintain updates on patients who are getting x-rays, MRI’s and other radiology services across many floors and service rooms. This board enhances communication within the unit and reduces the need to make phone calls by integrating nurses notes with existing event messages that are sent over the internal message router. This solution was developed specifically to meet the needs of radiology departments by combining several available technologies into one integrated solution at a fraction of the cost of other medical software providers.

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Heart Center Database

Data Warehouse Consultants worked with the Heart Center at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to convert a Microsoft Access database tracking hundreds of thousands of patients into an enterprise-class web application based on ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. This application has evolved to include patient tracking for various areas within the department including Adult Cardiology, Heart Failure and Heart Surgery among other areas. The live HL7 feed from the core EMR provider keeps the department’s database up-to-date, which saves time for heart center staff and allows them to focus on more effective delivery of care.

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Neurodevelopment in Rare Diseases

The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh maintains a world-class program for the study of Neurodevelopment in Rare Disorders led by Dr. Maria Escolar. Data Warehouse Consultants has developed an extensive Virtual Medical Home application for this organization that allows them to track and communicate more effectively with their patients around the world. This application has developed over time to include many different functions including communicating with patients, tracking patient development and general improvement of patient care.

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Human Services Data Warehouse

The Allegheny County Department of Human Services is on the cutting edge of using business intelligence best practices to provide superior service to clients of programs the county offers. The core of this service is the DHS data warehouse which compiles program data from over 25 data sources within the county. Data Warehouse Consultants was instrumental in the design and deployment of the latest version of this technology. Our firm also developed several customized software applications for use with the data warehouse, which have been valuable tools in digesting and using the vast amount of data now available to program staff.

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Financial Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Consultants worked with the Armstrong Group on several projects to improve their business intelligence infrastructure. The primary effort was related to creation of a data warehouse and dimensional model in SQL Server to support profitability analysis of the home security installation group. This group used multiple legacy source systems for sales and execution, and this data needed to be extracted and merged to provide meaningful profitability analysis by job and product. Our team successfully completed this effort to provide unique insights to Armstrong Group stakeholders regarding this business.

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Hyperion Essbase Conversion

DWC has developed custom programs and processes that convert Hyperion Essbase data to SQL Server Analysis Services. After exploring and attempting to use Third-Party solutions, our consultants created a custom, cost-effective solution to meet the client requirements of converting six Essbase cubes to SQL Server Analysis Services. As a part of this project, over a Terabyte of data was successfully converted from Hyperion Essbase to SSAS.

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Auto Ordering System

Data Warehouse Consultants designed, developed and implemented a new system to convert paper-based orders for products into an electronic equivalent via a centralized clearing house. Prior to development of this system the existing process was labor intensive with a low success rate. Sales reps would visit individual convenience stores to get new products onto the shelves and then place paper orders to obtain fulfillment. The paper based process often resulted in orders being misrouted to the incorrect distributor and ultimately not processed.

The solution implemented by Data Warehouse Consultants allowed manufactures to submit orders via web, EDI or FTP and to avoid the paper submission. Reps simply submitted an electronic order for the product they want, and the system navigated the complexities of getting that order to the appropriate distributor. The process was fully automated and supported hundreds of sales reps daily.

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