DWC Patient Communications Tracker

This product allows you to automatically receive patient communications into SQL Server or other relational database. Our clients use this product to capture patient-related emails that are sent to and from clinical staff. It allows you to simply “CC” the clinical database as part of your normal communications with the client. When this is done, you create a record of patient contacts and emails that is easily searchable and viewable by all staff, and not just the person who communicated directly with the client. This application supports many types of communications with patients including emails and text messages.

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Financial Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Consultants worked with the Armstrong Group on several projects to improve their business intelligence infrastructure. The primary effort was related to creation of a data warehouse and dimensional model in SQL Server to support profitability analysis of the home security installation group. This group used multiple legacy source systems for sales and execution, and this data needed to be extracted and merged to provide meaningful profitability analysis by job and product. Our team successfully completed this effort to provide unique insights to Armstrong Group stakeholders regarding this business.

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Specialty Pharmacy Design

Data Warehouse Consultants worked with a specialty pharmacy provider to review their data warehousing strategy, design and architecture for processing prescription related data. Key activities on this project included providing direction for best practices of a reporting architecture and assisting with the selection of an ETL methodology and tools. Our consultants worked with our client’s technical personnel to fine-tune an already successful business intelligence platform into one that was world-class.

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DWC Oracle Quick Report

QuickReport is a custom reporting solution that enables batch reporting and feed creation from an Oracle database by simply writing an SQL query and saving it to a table. After reviewing various third-party solutions a custom, cost-effective solution was developed to generate hundreds of reports and data feeds on a daily and weekly basis. It allows for the dynamic creation of flat files and reports directly from Oracle without the need for third-party reporting software. This solution is a proven means of quickly developing internally and externally facing reports and data feeds.

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Hyperion Essbase Conversion

DWC has developed custom programs and processes that convert Hyperion Essbase data to SQL Server Analysis Services. After exploring and attempting to use Third-Party solutions, our consultants created a custom, cost-effective solution to meet the client requirements of converting six Essbase cubes to SQL Server Analysis Services. As a part of this project, over a Terabyte of data was successfully converted from Hyperion Essbase to SSAS.

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Trade Program Rules Engine

Distributors offer incentives to store to carry selects groups of products. Data Warehouse Consultants developed a rules engine to support automated tracking and reporting for these types of trade programs. The application uses a data warehouses based on a distributor’s data to calculate the sales of selected products for participating stores. It supports many types of program options compare the purchase volume to incentive-specific rules to determine compliance. The application provides web based management of incentives, products within incentives and stores participation.

This project was typical of the type of solution we provide. We focus on providing solutions that meet the current business need, but that also that grow with future client requirements without the need for significant code changes.

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Auto Ordering System

Data Warehouse Consultants designed, developed and implemented a new system to convert paper-based orders for products into an electronic equivalent via a centralized clearing house. Prior to development of this system the existing process was labor intensive with a low success rate. Sales reps would visit individual convenience stores to get new products onto the shelves and then place paper orders to obtain fulfillment. The paper based process often resulted in orders being misrouted to the incorrect distributor and ultimately not processed.

The solution implemented by Data Warehouse Consultants allowed manufactures to submit orders via web, EDI or FTP and to avoid the paper submission. Reps simply submitted an electronic order for the product they want, and the system navigated the complexities of getting that order to the appropriate distributor. The process was fully automated and supported hundreds of sales reps daily.

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Report Conversion

Data Warehouse Consultants led an effort to convert business-critical reports from a legacy VMS platform into a modern, high-performing and low maintenance Oracle 10g system. These reports were worth approximately $5m/year in revenues and distributed monthly, quarterly and annually to a large manufacturer. The reports provide in-depth marketing analytics and sales data that is critical for our clients.

The timeline that was provided to Data Warehouse Consultants for conversion was very brief (a couple short months) and the effort was very large. The legacy reports, in total, were well over 1,000 pages of detailed analytical data. Data Warehouse Consultants used cutting-edge Oracle technology with PL/SQL partitioning as well as Perl scripts to convert and automate the reporting process out of a large data mart that was set up specifically for these reports. The final product was Microsoft Excel files specifically formatted to client specifications.

In total, the legacy reports would take weeks, if not months of time to create, review, manually format and finally distribute. An entire team of client employees would dedicate a large amount of their time monthly, quarterly and annually in generating and distributing these reports from the legacy system; it was a tremendous administrative headache. The new platform and reports freed up internal employee resources to be dedicated to other important projects to yield a very positive return on investment.

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Pharmacy Mobile Application

intermecData Warehouse Consultants developed a system to track the delivery of custom medications within the hospital. Current EMR systems only track the submission of a medication order until the point where the order is sent to the patient from the internal pharmacy. This can lead to situations where a medication is delivered to caregivers or remote stations and then lost.

Our solution provides a mobile application for the Medical Delivery Personnel. These specialists deliver the IV medications to the hospital floor or nurse. Then they scan the location or badge of the person to whom the medication is delivered at the time of delivery. This completes the life cycle of the medication order from the pharmacy’s perspective. It also provides an audit trail and a point to begin looking for a medication that gets “lost in the shuffle”.

This mobile system also allows management to track the efficiency of medication delivery for the pharmacy which leads to superior service. The department maintains an internal queue of each order and the time expected to delivery. This helps the pharmacy to run efficient operations, and significantly reduces the time and costs required when a medication must be redistributed. This technology has revolutionized the business processes of the internal pharmacy at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

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