A top 10 Children’s Hospital Implements Radiology Tracking Board

The radiology department of a top 10 Children’s Hospital began using a customized on-line patient tracking board created for them by Data Warehouse Consultants this week. This new application significantly reduces the phone calls and coordination that nurses, physicians and staff must do to efficiently move patients through the radiology department.

The implementation of the tracking board was the final result of an extensive development effort led by Data Warehouse Consultants. The firm worked with the hospitals staff to document the specific processes it uses to maintain a world-class facility.

These processes were then converted into a web-based application using Data Warehouse Consultants’ methodology to create a customized tracking board specifically for the radiology department. The tracking board allows staff in the department to monitor and update the status of X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and other radiology patients as they progress through the department.

About Data Warehouse Consultants:  Data Warehouse Consultants is a consulting firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Founded in 2004 the firm provides custom development services for web applications and corporate database and data warehouse environments.  (www.dwconsultants.com)