Founded in 1890, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has been “a leader in the treatment of childhood conditions and diseases, a pioneer in the development of new and improved therapies, and a top educator of the next generation of pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists.” The hospital’s values and guiding principles provide the foundation for Children’s to accomplish its mission of advancing the welfare of its patients through its care, teaching, research and advocacy. This outlook has allowed Children’s to receive a total of 11 awards and accomplishments.


Vascular Anomalies Database

Data Warehouse Consultants worked with the Pediatric Vascular…

Cleft Center Database

Data Warehouse Consultants worked with the Cleft-Craniofacial…

Pharmacy Mobile Application

Data Warehouse Consultants developed a system to track the delivery of custom medications within the hospital. Current EMR systems only track the submission of a medication order until the point where the order is sent to the patient from the internal pharmacy.  This can lead to situations where a medication is delivered to caregivers or remote stations and then lost.