Pharmacy Mobile Application

intermecData Warehouse Consultants developed a system to track the delivery of custom medications within the hospital. Current EMR systems only track the submission of a medication order until the point where the order is sent to the patient from the internal pharmacy. This can lead to situations where a medication is delivered to caregivers or remote stations and then lost.

Our solution provides a mobile application for the Medical Delivery Personnel. These specialists deliver the IV medications to the hospital floor or nurse. Then they scan the location or badge of the person to whom the medication is delivered at the time of delivery. This completes the life cycle of the medication order from the pharmacy’s perspective. It also provides an audit trail and a point to begin looking for a medication that gets “lost in the shuffle”.

This mobile system also allows management to track the efficiency of medication delivery for the pharmacy which leads to superior service. The department maintains an internal queue of each order and the time expected to delivery. This helps the pharmacy to run efficient operations, and significantly reduces the time and costs required when a medication must be redistributed. This technology has revolutionized the business processes of the internal pharmacy at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

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