Community Violence Reduction Initiative Rapid Response

CVRI Application

Allegheny County, like many across the country, faces some levels of gun violence. The Community Violence Reduction Initiative (CVRI) aims to reduce the amount of gun violence that tears communities apart. The CVRI team desired a mechanism for making a difference.

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The county made the bold decision to attempt to reduce the amount of community violence it was experiencing. This meant partnering with various community organizations. Together, they were looking to make contact with the youth often involved in these violent events.

The plan was to become a disruptor in the community, to disrupt gun violence before the incident’s cycle of violence continued. This would be accomplished by responding to these events as they happen in real time to prevent retaliation from other groups involved.


The main goal of the CVRI Rapid Response application was to correlate activity among the organizations involved to reduce violence throughout the county as a whole.

With the help of the application, real time information is provided to geographic-based organizations. These groups are then able to immediately know when a violent event happens like a shooting or fatality. Disrupting retaliations or other acts becomes easier when they’re able to promptly spring into action.


This application is expected to go live Summer 2024.

Results will be evaluated based on the ability of the application to help reduce violence.


CVRI Rapid Response is a three-page form accessed through an online application. Users can record an incident in less than five minutes. They’ll provide several pieces of information including location, details and comments.

After providing incident specifics and submitting the form, a team in the area will be notified of the request to respond. Real time text messages will be sent. Texts contain up-to-the-minute information with all parties meaning they can be notified of location and fully understand what’s happening.

This makes it easier to disrupt the cycle of violence.

Additional teams involved are related to housing and health. Housing can relocate those concerned while health and hospitals give expert care. The app allows all parties to communicate giving everyone the best information to guarantee a rapid response to community violence.

A quick how-to video on using the CVRI form to report an incident can be watched here: