HIPAA Compliant Patient Tracking

One major challenge of current Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology is that it is virtually impossible for a single hospital department to simply track their own patients.  Most departments only need a small subset of the available information, but they need it accessible in their own format.  To solve this problem many departments use shared spreadsheets and Microsoft Access databases that are NOT HIPAA compliant.

Data Warehouse Consultants has solved this problem for many hospital departments by using custom SQL Server databases with a web application front-end.  We can provide a low-cost, HIPAA-compliant solution, that allows the department to track its own patients without stepping on what the EMR does.  In many cases we can also integrate with the EMR directly via our HL7 Receiver product.  This gives hospital departments a simple solution that helps them work with their patients while also protecting their patients’ medical privacy.

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