Report Conversion

Data Warehouse Consultants led an effort to convert business-critical reports from a legacy VMS platform into a modern, high-performing and low maintenance Oracle 10g system. These reports were worth approximately $5m/year in revenues and distributed monthly, quarterly and annually to a large manufacturer. The reports provide in-depth marketing analytics and sales data that is critical for our clients.

The timeline that was provided to Data Warehouse Consultants for conversion was very brief (a couple short months) and the effort was very large. The legacy reports, in total, were well over 1,000 pages of detailed analytical data. Data Warehouse Consultants used cutting-edge Oracle technology with PL/SQL partitioning as well as Perl scripts to convert and automate the reporting process out of a large data mart that was set up specifically for these reports. The final product was Microsoft Excel files specifically formatted to client specifications.

In total, the legacy reports would take weeks, if not months of time to create, review, manually format and finally distribute. An entire team of client employees would dedicate a large amount of their time monthly, quarterly and annually in generating and distributing these reports from the legacy system; it was a tremendous administrative headache. The new platform and reports freed up internal employee resources to be dedicated to other important projects to yield a very positive return on investment.

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