Our Services

Data Warehouse Consultants offers a range of services related to database solutions and custom applications.  We solve your business problems with a mix of process improvement, data and technology.  Here is a list of some services we provide.  Please view our Solutions page for details on specific projects we have successfully completed.

SSIS Consulting

Are you frustrated by a process that is taking way longer than it used to? Do you have an SSIS process running in your database that is frequently breaking and keeping you up at night? Are you worried because a key member of your team – the only one who knows the ETL process – […]

Customized Data Warehouse Training

Data Warehouse Consultants provides on-site training services to increase the in-house knowledge of your technical team.  Often data warehouse leads are worried about their progress because they don’t know if they are building the system correctly, or they lack confidence because all they know about data warehousing is what they have read in a Ralph […]

Full Service Consulting

At Data Warehouse Consultants we specialize primarily in data warehouse consulting, as you might expect!  We have been working in this space for over 20 years and are experts in many aspects of this industry.  Through this work we have developed specialized skills related to data warehousing, which are highlighted on other pages on this […]

Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) Development

Most providers in the space know that designing a dimensional model for a data warehouse is really only the first of many steps.  The devil is in the ETL details.  This is really where our primary expertise lies.  We are experts at finding the data needed, transforming it into usable information, and getting it loaded […]

Data Warehouse Design and Improvement

If you already have a data warehouse and you are having problems with it, then we can help.  We have vast experience in the design and implementation of data warehouse and business intelligence systems.  It’s in our name, and it’s the core competency that our firm was originally built upon.

Custom Applications and Solutions

Because we are experts with processing data, many clients request customized web applications to provide access and functionality from data they already have or want to collect.  We employee specialists in the development of custom web-based and handheld applications to meet just about any business need you have.  Our focus is primarily on applications that […]

Big Data and Hadoop

Our firm is on the cutting edge of data warehouse technologies including the new “big data” technologies surrounding the Hadoop ecosystem.  We have project experience with Map-R and Hortonworks, as well as many of the related tools including Hive, HBase, HUE, Sqoop, HDFS and Flume to name a few.  We support consulting engagements to help […]

Tableau Development

We have recently identified several clients who are standardizing on the Tableau tool set. This tool is a very powerful addition to a data warehouse or other reporting environment. Our firm has invested time and resources into training for this tool. With this knowledge and our significant experience in data manipulation and processing, we are able to quickly deliver innovative visualizations for our customers within custom constraints they require. We can build these visualizations against both static data sets and complex systems like production databases and data warehouses. Here are a few small samples of our work in this area.

Microsoft Access Database Conversions

We specialize in converting data from operational databases into data warehouse systems, and we find that many organizations still run business-critical applications in Microsoft Access and Excel.  This can often lead to issues with application performance, accessibility and security, and represents a major risk that organization don’t need to take. We have helped many organizations convert these applications into a more enterprise-level architecture based on ASP.NET and SQL Server or Oracle which can provide stability and peace of mind for your business, while providing your team access to these previously walled-off applications from anywhere.

Architecture Redesign

Data Warehouse Consultants works with clients to re-invent and re-architect the back-end processes that are used to provide business intelligence solutions to their clients. We specialize in making our clients’ processes more automated and efficient, and help our clients provide superior business intelligence products faster and with less overhead.