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AIU TEAR Application

Allegheny Intermediate Unit TEAR Project

The Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) was in need of a process that would allow it to expand its efforts and reach within Allegheny County. They were in search of a solution that easily blended all organizations involved. The sections below provide a glimpse into the story and development of the solution.

MH Bedboard Application

Allegheny County Mental Health Bedboard

Allegheny County Department of Human Services provides hundreds of millions of dollars for mental health services within the county. This allows a lot to occur – services, programs, care, etc. The county was searching for more information on how those dollars were being used and who was being served for mental health (MH) services.

DHS Data Exchange Application

Department of Human Services Data Exchange

The Allegheny County Department of Human Services uses a data warehouse to collect information from over 185 sources and providers with many being external. It’s used to improve the services offered to clients as well as support management decision-making. It’s vital that this data is correct, clean and organized.

Hello Baby Application

Allegheny County Hello Baby

Hello Baby was created for Allegheny County families with newborns to help aid and connect them to resources and services. As a network of supports, Hello Baby was crafted to meet families’ individual needs and interests. The county was in search of a solution to help organize this vast data and ensure seamless coordination among […]

CVRI Application

Community Violence Reduction Initiative Rapid Response

Allegheny County, like many across the country, faces some levels of gun violence. The Community Violence Reduction Initiative (CVRI) aims to reduce the amount of gun violence that tears communities apart. The CVRI team desired a mechanism for making a difference.

Geocode It!

GeocodeIt! is a custom application that allows you load addresses from either a file or a database, then run those addresses through a third-party online service to obtain standardized address and location information. Location data is very important in many types of data warehouse and business information projects. Obtaining standardized address information including addresses and […]

Radiology Tracking Board

Efficiency is necessary to run a world-class radiology department. Data Warehouse Consultants developed a virtual tracking board that allows nurses to maintain updates on patients who are getting x-rays, MRI’s and other radiology services across many floors and service rooms. This board enhances communication within the unit and reduces the need to make phone calls by […]