Few firms enjoy the same unqualified history of success as Data Warehouse Consultants.  If you have a business problem, we can help with the solution. Our team uses software expertise and business process understanding to help you improve the way you run your business. We are a group of talented engineers who will work with you to quickly understand your problem, identify a viable solution, and then implement that solution using custom software development.  

Neurodevelopment in Rare Diseases

The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh maintains a world-class program for the study of Neurodevelopment in Rare Disorders led by Dr. Maria Escolar. Data Warehouse Consultants has developed an extensive Virtual Medical Home application for this organization that allows them to track and communicate more effectively with their patients around the world. This application has developed […]

Human Services Data Warehouse

The Allegheny County Department of Human Services is on the cutting edge of using business intelligence best practices to provide superior service to clients of programs the county offers. The core of this service is the DHS data warehouse which compiles program data from over 25 data sources within the county. Data Warehouse Consultants was […]

DWC HL7 Receiver

HL7 messages are the primary method that medical systems use to communicate in real time. This product allows the capture and storage of HL7 messages into a generic schema that can then be used for any purpose. Once the HL7 message is parsed and stored in a database, legacy applications and ETL can be run […]

DWC Patient Communications Tracker

This product allows you to automatically receive patient communications into SQL Server or other relational database. Our clients use this product to capture patient-related emails that are sent to and from clinical staff. It allows you to simply “CC” the clinical database as part of your normal communications with the client. When this is done, […]

Financial Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Consultants worked with the Armstrong Group on several projects to improve their business intelligence infrastructure. The primary effort was related to creation of a data warehouse and dimensional model in SQL Server to support profitability analysis of the home security installation group. This group used multiple legacy source systems for sales and execution, […]

Specialty Pharmacy Design

Data Warehouse Consultants worked with a specialty pharmacy provider to review their data warehousing strategy, design and architecture for processing prescription related data. Key activities on this project included providing direction for best practices of a reporting architecture and assisting with the selection of an ETL methodology and tools. Our consultants worked with our client’s technical […]

DWC Oracle Quick Report

QuickReport is a custom reporting solution that enables batch reporting and feed creation from an Oracle database by simply writing an SQL query and saving it to a table. After reviewing various third-party solutions a custom, cost-effective solution was developed to generate hundreds of reports and data feeds on a daily and weekly basis. It […]